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At AREI, we consider ourselves in partnership with our students. It’s all about success in attaining your career goals. Our purpose is to provide you a personalized learning environment where you can receive the assistance you need. We offer extensive expertise, counseling and career guidance along with a myriad of additional post license resources.

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Do you prefer classroom presentation but can’t find the time? Our video based Online Education Program allows you the same depth of knowledge and insightful benefit of the classroom, in the comfort of your living room. Attend class at your convenience and at your speed.




This course is designed for those who must pass the “State” portion of the licensing exam but are NOT familiar with Colorado license law, Commission Rules, Position Statements, approved forms, and closing procedures. This is the recommended course for those currently licensed in another state who are seeking a Colorado Real Estate license, or for those who are activating a Colorado license. The course also provides a comprehensive update for any Colorado licensee. The course is offered live classroom or online. This course does not offer continuing education hours. Tuition $350




Advanced Contracts (4 Hours) This course will address common contracting problems, help the broker anticipate and avoid contract conflicts and draft stronger agreements. The course is designed for brokers who have a working knowledge of Commission approved forms. Tuition $40

Brokerage Administration (24 Hours) The Brokerage Administration course is required for license upgrade to Employing Broker (provides 12 Hours Elective CE). The course is offered once each quarter live classroom or can be completed anytime through our online program. Tuition $200

CBS Line by Line (12 Hours) The most comprehensive review of the Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate. The course will go through the CBS1 contract line by line and clause by clause. Insight into the contract is enhanced by examples, explanations of “why” the contract language is important and narratives that can be used to explain the form to buyers and sellers. The presentation encompasses applicable Commission Rules, Position Statements and Forms Related to the CBS. Course completion will enhance the brokers ability to explain the CBS1 contract to clients. This course fulfills ALL elective CE requirements for license renewal. Tuition $120

Brokerage Relationships (4 Hours) This course will make it easy to understand what must be disclosed, when must the disclosure occur, and what how to disclose brokerage relationships in common everyday circumstances. Application of the information enhances public perceptions, builds trust, and drives client loyalty. Tuition $40

Commission Update Course (ACU) (4 Hours) This course is presented via streaming video and must be completed each year active real estate licensees. It is strongly recommended for inactive licensees as well to allow easy license activation. The course focuses on new statutes and commission rules, recent court decisions, and changing standards of practice. The Commission Update Course is available both classroom and distance learning. Tuition $40

Broker Reactivation Course (BRC) (24 Hours) This Real Estate Commission Course is available to licensees who want to activate an inactive license, activate an expired license, or renew an active license. The course may be used to renew an active license is a licensee has missed an Annual Commission Update Course. The BRC is available to licensees who did not use this option in the previous license cycle (may not be used in consecutive license cycles), or if the licensee has been inactive or expired for up to 36 months. The course is available live classroom or online. Tuition $200

Investment Property Analysis (4 Hours) It’s all about the numbers! This course designed to help brokers identify, analyze, and monetize investment opportunities ranging from one-to-four unit property, investment grade property, and fix and flips. Application of the information increases analytical and counseling skills including the ability to customize a property search to specific client goals and find the high potential opportunities that others are not aware of. Tuition $40

Jelly Donuts and The Appraiser (4 Hours) This course is step one in a four-part series designed to provide an arsenal of tools for real estate brokers. Taken separately or in series, you can increase your CMA skills and accuracy with a better understanding of simple appraisal concepts and techniques. Learn what information is helpful to avoid loan problems and minimize the opportunity for failed transactions due to lender issues. Develop your own market specific adjustment values and increase listing and sales activity as you obtain unique information about any specific neighborhood. Subsequent classes are Valuation in a Down Market, Working With Residential Investors, and Real Estate Trends Analysis. Tuition $40

Valuation In A Changing Market (4 Hours) This online video presentation will explore simple microeconomic techniques which allow the professional real estate broker to determine trends in a changing market. You will learn to measure specific market conditions, measure and apply time adjustments, understand the effect of financing concessions on value, and effectively communicate the results of the analysis to buyers, sellers, appraisers and loan underwriters. An important component of the course addresses tactics the real estate broker can employ to impact the loan underwriting process and avoid lost transactions. Tuition $40

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