How to Get a Real Estate License

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose AREI?

AREI provides the highest value real estate education. Students who follow the AREI system pass the PSI exam the first-time avoiding time and money delays required with multiple attempts at the PSI exam.

More importantly, AREI presents the material from a perspective of actual brokerage practice. This approach not only prepares the student for testing but enables the student to achieve a competency level in brokerage equivalent to years of practice. AREI new licensees can compete in the industry from Day one, in fact, many Brokerage firms either prefer, or will only hire, new licensees that completed their education at AREI!

AREI faculty has over 150 years of combined experience in real estate. The faculty is intimately familiar with the testing dynamic and is available by call, text, or email throughout your course of study.


What is the first-time exam passing rate?

AREI consistently maintains a 90% + first time passing rate, typically 20% higher than the next best school. The secret to AREI’s success is knowledge of the exam, experience of the faculty, and a unique approach to the learning process.

The Division of Real Estate publishes all school passing rates which can be viewed at Real Estate Broker Exam Pass Fail Rates.


How do you get so many of your students to pass the exam on the first try?

The success of the AREI system is a combination of many factors;

  • Our learning process has been developed and refined over a 50-year period,
  • The material is presented from a perspective of understanding rather than memorizing,
  • Our faculty has extensive experience in brokerage,
  • Our staff is active in the regulatory side of the industry including PSI exam development, creation of approved forms, and other regulatory functions, and finally
  • AREI is intimately familiar with the licensing exam.


What is the difference between the online and classroom program?

The only significant difference is the location and time of the class sessions. Live sessions are scheduled, while online sessions can be viewed at the convenience of the student.


I have tried other online courses that have not worked for me, how do your online classes differ?

The online program is designed to duplicate the classroom experience. Just like the classroom, online students will benefit from the same interaction, instruction, examples, and application as classroom students. Online students receive the same hard copy material as the classroom program. The video on-demand lessons are identical to live sessions, only completed at a time and place of the students choosing.

Online students will follow the instructor though the material obtaining the same insights, explanations, and guidance delivered in the classroom. The online presentation allows the student to pause and consider concepts, backspace the video to rehear important points, and ask questions via text, email, or phone. Instructors are always available for questions, 24/7/365.


If I am an online student, is there an opportunity to ask questions?

All online students have access to instructors who can be reached at any time via messaging, email, or phone conversations.


Can I do some classes in person, and some online?

The in-person classes offer the flexibility of classroom and home study. Students decide whether to complete any particular lesson on demand at home or live at the AREI campus. There is no requirement as to how many classes are completed online versus in the classroom.


I am having a problem passing the licensing exam. Do you have a quick and easy Exam Prep Course?

We do have an exam prep course. However, due to the difficulty of the licensing exam we do not believe there is a viable “quick and easy” exam prep path to ensure success. If you know where your weaknesses are we can help you drill into any specific topic. If the weakness is more broad-based we recommend our Colorado Comprehensive Exam Prep course.


How do I schedule my state exam?

Visit to schedule a test date.


What is next after I pass the state exam?

Once the state exam is complete, we help our students identify qualified brokerage firms. Once your brokerage firm has been selected, the employing broker will assist in obtaining E&O insurance and completing and submitting your license application.


What if I am not ready to use my license yet?

A license applicant has one year after passing the state exam to apply for a license. After one year, if no application is made, the applicant must retake the licensing exam a second time. If one does not intend to begin practicing real estate, or desires to start their brokerage career later, you may apply for an inactive license which can be upgraded to active status when desired. Maintaining an inactive license does not require continuing education hours, however, we encourage each inactive broker to complete the mandatory Annual Commission Update Course each calendar year which allows an easier path to upgrading the license to active status in subsequent years.


Once I get licensed I only want to work my own personal deals, do I still need to have an Employing Broker?

If receiving commissions on personal transactions is desired, one must have an active license held under the name of a licensed brokerage firm.


What are the real estate license levels?

All new licensees begin at the Broker Associate level of licensing. A broker associate with two years as an active licensee may apply for and receive the Independent Broker license. Two years and completion of the 24-hour Brokerage Administration course allows the licensee to become a Employing Broker (hiring and providing supervision to associate brokers).


What type of continuing education do I need?

The initial license expires on December 31st of the year licensed. No CE is required to renew in the first licensed year. Once the initial license is renewed, the license moves to a three-year license within which one must complete 24 hours of CE to renew an active license. No CE is required to renew or maintain an inactive license.


If I missed an Annual Commission Update, how do I proceed?

The Broker Reactivation Course is the easiest path to renewal should a licensee miss one of three Annual Commission Update courses required. This option can only be used EVERY OTHER license cycle and is not an allowable option for consecutive license cycles.


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