How to Become a Real Estate Agent

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Success! It’s really that simple. The initial education and licensing is not the goal but simply a means to an end. The AREI program has produced more successful brokers than any other provider. This is achieved by our competence and unique approach to education focusing on equipping the licensee to meet and exceed personal goals. You have many choices available regarding your selection of education provider. Why not contact 10 successful real estate brokers from your area and ask them which school you should attend?




Colorado license law requires (1) completion of six courses, (2) passing a state exam (3) completing a background check, and (4) submitting an application for licensure.




All new licensees begin at the Broker Associate level of licensing. A broker associate with two years as an active licensee may apply for and receive the Independent Broker license. Two years and completion of the 24-hour Brokerage Administration course allows the licensee to become a Employing Broker (hiring and providing supervision to associate brokers).




Most states offer a two-tiered system of real estate licensing whereby completion of abbreviated pre-license education and testing allows one to obtain a salesperson license. Once minimum experience is obtained, further classroom education and a higher level of testing allows graduation to the “broker” level.

Colorado is quite different in that it was the first state to enact a “single licensing” statute. Single licensing eliminates the “salesperson” licensing as all new licensees will enter the industry as a “Broker Associate”. While the experience requirement remains to upgrade to Independent Broker or Managing Broker, the new licensee will never have to repeat the state examination once the initial license is issued.

In that regard, and due to this “once in a lifetime exam requirement”, the State of Colorado licensing examination tests competency beyond most other state exams. The Colorado Broker Associate will enter the industry with a higher number of pre-licensing hours and more comprehensive testing than other states. No question, the Colorado Real Estate Examination is difficult. But rest assured, given the right choice in real estate schools, combined with your efforts, you can pass this exam. We think you will find that this career is well worth your effort.




We have seen both failure and success in the real estate industry. In the difficult economic environment of the early 1980’s (20% interest rates) many new licensees failed, others flourished. In the “roaring 1990’s” great success stories were written by new agents. Some did not experience that same level of success. Regardless of economic conditions (or any other external variable you might mention), our experience had shown that success in this industry is tied to one thing only, the individual’s work ethic.

Today, finding the right managing broker is a very important decision, and many firms are actively searching for new associates. That decision alone, however, will not guarantee success. The new licensee must combine hard work with smart work. It is our mission at AREI to guide the student through not only the licensing process, but finding the right firm and developing a successful and rewarding career. No one works harder for you than the staff and faculty at AREI.




Visit our “Finding Employment” page under “Real Estate Licensing” for an exhaustive discussion about this very important decision.




AREI offers a wide variety of opportunities designed to fit your schedule. The insight and competency derived from the classroom program is profound. For some, classroom attendance is not preferable or possible. The AREI Online Learning program encompasses many learning tools including books, study materials and video applications. Three keys to success are important for the online student, (1) discipline, (2) one-on-one assistance, and (3) the classroom videos. Regardless of your preferred method of learning, each student receives an individual orientation ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience.




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