When applying for an active real estate license, each new Broker Associate must affiliate with a brokerage firm for a minimum of two years prior to upgrading to Independent or Employing Broker.

Be encouraged by the fact that nearly all brokerage firms are hiring new licensees. That said, the question is not “can I work here?” but rather “why should I work here?”, an interesting dynamic.

The best “why” would be a proven new broker training system. A system that has a documented history of guiding new licensees into a profitable first year.

Every brokerage you interview with will try to sell you on their fabulous training. To determine your likelihood for success you must ask the right question:
What is the average first year gross income for new licensees that you have trained in the past year?
Or, How many closings do your new licensees close in their first year?

Ask these factual questions and demand factual answers and you will soon discover which firms can actually facilitate your success!

Choosing a broker, and surviving your first year in real estate, is all about income. Commission splits and other details are simply minutia that should only be addressed once you are convinced the brokers training actually works.