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CBS1 (Residential), CBS2 (Income-Residential), CBSF1 (Foreclosure)

Sec 8.4., 8.5., 8.7., Added statutory language regarding Metropolitan Districts and calls for inclusion of official websites for any applicable metropolitan districts.

Section 8.7. Clarifies buyer’s right to terminate based on the Tax Certificate.

Section 10.13, Radon Disclosure requirement pursuant to statute.


CBS3 (Commercial)

Section 8.4., Special Taxing Districts removed.

Section 8.5., Clarify buyer’s right to terminate based on the Tax Certificate.


Seller’s Property Disclosure (Residential)

Section E: Radon reference removed, Section O, Radon Disclosure expanded pursuant to statute.


Seller’s Property Disclosure (Commercial)

Removed check box “Supplement to Residential”.


Exclusive Right to Sell, Exclusive Right to Lease

Section 7.1.1. Minor change “purchase” rather than “sales” price, gross “rent” rather than “sales price regarding leasing commission.

Section 9.1.1., Language added regarding obligation to provide copy of listing agreement to MLS or information exchange and to timely update listing status.


Residential Addendum

Section 8.4., Incorporated revised Special Tax/Metropolitan Districts

Section 8.5., Incorporated Tax Certificate provision

Section 10.13., Radon Disclosure added


Earnest Money Receipt

Language modified to allow use when using non-commission approved contracts (e.g., builder or attorney drafted contracts)


Notice to Terminate

Updated to current


Brokerage Duties to Property Management Agreement

Added Radon Disclosure


Manufactured Home Contract, Addendum, Counterproposal, and Amend/Extend

Updated to current


New Form: Seller’s Property Disclosure Supplement (Additional Structure)

This New form was created to be used when a residence is located on an otherwise commercial property. This new form can be used in conjunction with all SPD forms when a secondary residence exists.


New Form: Energy Benchmarking Disclosure

This form was created to comply with statute (25-7-142, C.R.S.) regarding “Covered Buildings”